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the Chaos Communication Camp 2023 will be August 15 - 19 2023 at the Ziegeleipark Mildenberg. Same location as CCC Camp 2015 and 2019

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Communication for the milliways cluster at the Chaos Communication Camp 2023 will be on a room that is bridged between irc and matrix. Both rooms have the same information.


there will be one. details unclear yet. Coin Order User:Cobolt


(List of all registered villages in milliways (create new villages here)], then add the village manually below (this is still to be automated))


  • Has traveled with milliways in the past. Will continue to do so in the future. #freeside on hackint.
  • Main Contact: Willscott
  • Fallback Contact: coderobe
  • Infra
    • We plan to bring our own gazebo to place in the central plaza/circle (assa)
    • We have a sofa (assa)
    • We want to source biergarten tables x1 or x2 (not sourced yet)
    • uv yarn installation (boreq)

scottish consulate

Has traveled with milliways in the past. tj confirmed that they want to travel with us again.

Scotcon van will arrive on Site on the evening of Sunday 13th August. We need to depart 12:00 (mid day) on Sunday 20th August.

For all Van related enquires, direct to hibby via matrix

  • Main Contact: tj
  • Fallback Contact: hibby

Irish Embassy

  • Main Contact: tdr

A small group with links to Ireland


We're in.

tEUrCamp - The US Hacker Camp in Europe!

tEUrCamp is back with the Ada's Cafe, programmable sign, and other fun stuff from 'merica. More info at


Has traveled with milliways in the past. Scandinavians. :-)

Hardware Hacking Village / Belgian embassy

Requires confirmation of commitment. Has traveled with milliways in the past.

The Hardware Hacking Village takes place under the tent that attaches to the big Belgian Bus.

  • Main Contact: Mitch
  • Fallback Contact: Kliment
  • CircuitCircle Noise Toys Soldering Workshops: Alwin

Icelandic embassy?

Requires confirmation of commitment. Has traveled with milliways in the past.

Please remove this line if you want to commit to joining as a subvillage

  • Main Contact: YOUR_NAME_HERE
  • Fallback Contact: YOUR_NAME_HERE

spanish village

Has traveled with milliways in the past. Will continue to do so :)

  • Main Contact: maes
  • Fallback Contact: n0p


Has traveled with milliways in the past. Will continue to do so :)

Digitale Gesellschaft

HIP-Homies :-D

End Summer Camp

coffee providers at MCH-2022 :-)

  • Main Contact: Lucent
  • Fallback Contact: +s


German CTF Team with (about 10) people. Will host the Camp CTF.

  • Main Contact: hanemile
  • Fallback Contact: ...


aVoid [is / is not] a sub_sub_village to avoid: Xtra specific workshops within a broad spectrum of ’scientific curiosity’. Hard and Soft. Open, Respectful and Gentle. 18+

  • Main Contact: ZZEPPOSS
  • Fallback Contact: ...



Voucher page -- There are no vouchers for CCCamp2023. Tickets will be sold in three batches. Ticket sales page

Participant page

Hackers on a plane (DEFCON -> CCCAMP)

Tent signup

How to ride public transit


Milliways Travel Management

This is the group of people mostly organizing the cluster / village on the Chaos Communication Camp 2023.


      • marcin




Power + Network

  • should communicate Water, Power and Dirtwater needs to camp23 at once its possible (together with water team)
    • has been done, they know we're coming :D

water team

    • shadow
  • should communicate Water, Power and Dirtwater needs to camp23 at once its possible (together with power/network team)
  • needs to supply water to:
    • konvektomat
    • ice machine
    • warm water heater in kitchen
    • sink
    • coffee corner (ask team coffee)
    • Bakery
    • beerTap

art of light and decoration

  • task - make milliways awesome & colorful
    • setting up the decoration and the lights.
    • make Art & Beauty at milliways.

kinda requirement; Be on site at least 2 days early.

Topics at the moment: Decorations, PAR, light fixtures, DMX, programming the light with DMX...


  • Managing the content on the stage.
  • Handling the CFP and the resulting Fahrplan
  • we might want to get the manege / amphitheater thing


With milliways we'll be hosting a stage and a workshop area. If you would like to give a talk or a workshop - let us know via

Hardware Hacking Village


  • Organize some kind of vehicle that can be used to transport stuff via the on-site railway infrastructure
  • crew


  • the music itself


  • Team beer organizes, well... beer.
  • gets local beer contact from (100dreds of different kegs)
  • Should be able to have german phone-calls
  • keep an eye on who sponsors what keg
  • crew



Organization via git and matrix. See




a team to build things out of wood.

Free Beer

Free software contains elements of free speech and free beer.

While the free speech part is done in the content of the camp we look for free beer.

That works that people and groups of people donate a keg of beer together.

We need the beer keg list from the beer vendor and start asking people what they want.

The free beer list page. This is for people that consider donating a keg.

The price for a keg will be around 100-150eur.

beer vendor


milliways cyber circus

milliways wants to run a stage.

  • would like to run a stage around 200 people.
  • for talks together with other villages, like HiP
  • hacking / technical talks
  • we have a dream, an idea, no contracts signed.
  • <tl/dr> we would like to make a manege.
  • would join a CFP, seperate content teams and a talk sharing system.
  •, Ilja, maltman23, hanemile, pandora, User:Ljrk


HoBo Tents

on camp 2015 + 2019 we had hobo tents - they worked awesome.

It would be nice if we can get some more of that type.

Example (rummerytent)


Power & Network



  • feb - april monthly
  • april - july bi-weekly
  • july - camp weekly

You can also subscribe to the ICS WebCal with your Milliways account's CalDAV credentials.

We're still figuring out a weekday, as soon we've got it the next meeting will be on that weekday in the time period of 2022-02-13 - 2022-02-19. We'll announce it and the date and agenda will be here:

January Meeting (2023-01-21 20:00)

February Meeting (2023-02-21 20:00)

  • Any essential teams missing? Should we make a larger "call for team people" or so?
  • Communicate Water, Power and Dirtwater needs to camp23 at
  • update channel topic to show next meeting


March Meeting (2023-03-21 20:00)

  • setup pretalx for CfP
  • update channel topic to show next meeting
  • open QUestions from february meeting
    • decorations team
    • power / network
    • update on the manege situation

April Meeting (2023-04-18 20:00)

May Meeting 1 (2023-05-09 20:00)

- update channel topic to show next meeting


  • insert TL;DR here

May Meeting 2 (2023-05-23 20:00)

- meeting notes:

- update channel topic to show next meeting

June Meeting 1 (2023-06-06 20:00)

- Ticket presale (1 of 3 dates) during this meeting (21:00 CEST)

- Need a kitchen head (SuperQ won't be able to make it D:, so we need someone else who can take care of the kitchen)

June Meeting 2 (2023-06-20 20:00)

- update channel topic to show next meeting

July Meeting 1 (2023-07-04 20:00)

- meeting notes:

July Meeting 2 (2023-07-11 20:00)

July Meeting 3 (2023-07-18 20:00)

July Meeting 4 (2023-07-25 20:00)

August Meeting 1 (2023-08-01 20:00)

August Meeting 2 (2023-08-08 20:00)

Daily On-Camp -2 (2023-08-12 14:00)

Daily On-Camp -1 (2023-08-13 14:00)

Daily On-Camp 0 (2023-08-14 14:00)

Daily On-Camp 1 (2023-08-15 14:00)

Daily On-Camp 2 (2023-08-16 14:00)

Daily On-Camp 3 (2023-08-17 14:00)

Daily On-Camp 4 (2023-08-18 14:00)

Daily On-Camp 5 (2023-08-19 14:00)

Daily On-Camp 6 (2023-08-19 14:00)

crazy ideas

The Milliways cyber circus - The Manege

  • Plan A - said its complicated, does not answer anymore

  • Plan B - said no spiegeltents availible

dutch market stands (this is an example link, ignre the price)

this is a dutch market stand that dasbrot also uses. We can rent some for little money. 3m version works in a sprinter.

Good for hackcenter / food / talking while it rains, Numbers of 4-10 are realistic


  • space
    • we probably have space, if tEURcamp brings their dome and we bring ours.
  • content
    • we are the "content team," in that we approve the workshops, but we can still get our workshops on the big schedule everyone can see. This has worked before.
    • We've also had luck with last-minute workshops, using chalkboard and infodesk to get outside presenters to sign up.


high rotating milliways sign

a sign, very high, on a mast pole. to show where milliways is.

Idea: valka,

Need more signs and a rotating motor.

black in black spaceship

a black spaceship.

milliways logo projection in batman bat signal style

Idea: FellMoon

Spotlight 1200W with "A-Gobo" available, but i'd opt for a vectoring lazer.

milliways train

As its in the brick museum again i'd love to have a train.

Background: The Ziegeleipark Mildenberg has a narrow gauge train track that was used last year. I would like to have our own milliways vehicle that can transport some few people but for sure goods from entrance to milliways.


awtnmy - Interested in helping construction / welding - Pidgey suggested he would be too

Ada's Café

taken from the 2019 wiki page.

Milliways will have a small Café-alike relaxed area, providing shade, where people can get coffee/tea/water/non-alcoholic beverages for free - donations are welcome as always.
Also possible spot where people can get coins?

h1kar1 and sharebrained have state on how we did espresso in 2019. It involved a rented machine and some improvised plumbing to run it from bottled water.

People maybe interested in doing

Tea Bar

For tea lovers and alternative to coffee, free Tea. We offer boiling hot water and a wide and international selection of tea (bags). You only have to bring your own mug and donations are welcome.

  • Ryd
  • Paul
  • fellmoon?

Accept cryptocurrency

This was tried in a halfass way long ago at a congress, but nobody opted to pay this way. Software has changed in the decade since then.

  • Bitcoin and Ethereum both have L2 networks (Lightning and zkSync) that lower transaction fees and settle in <10min. At congress in ~2018 or so, a vendor was selling coffee via bitcoin lightning to prove the value of L2. Normally fees would be high compared to the price of a coffee, and the chain would take much longer to commit than it takes to make the coffee, but L2 solves this.
  • Ethereum no longer has any weather veganism issues because of proof-of-stake, and
  • there are many aggressively-funded slick closed source phone apps (for better or worse).
  • Also Monero, a privacy preserving cryptocurrency, with real FLOSS & cypherpunk ethos.

We could make a comforting point-of-sale system installed on a physical device that stays in Ada Cafe that can display a per-purchase QR code. This is not to sell espresso, which would still be free, but for donations.

People maybe interested in doing

  • carton
  • trimetilo (Interested in exploring the feasibility of using an Ethereum L2).
  • User:Cobolt (Could be willing to act as a currency converter from BTC to EUR/GBP/USD if this is required)
  • **vdo** (Monero PoS)

Mail to Jail - Imprisoned Hacker Support

Idea: / fem

sadly many among community have been in the predicament when they needed legal advice and some did indeed ended up in the mass system of control some call prison system. "mail to jail" is a solidarity and support network that ran for years by various fractions of "teh intervewbz".

at camp we will crate original art postcards/stickers with support of creative team, print and ship all out by the end of camp. any ideas are welcome re what else could be done, just note there are restrictions to mail that varies from prison to prison.

- it would also be nice if perhaps some books would be sent-out that are on bookmail list, for example for Jeremy Hammond
- adding QR codes to design for individual support networks? (perhaps for stickers as "gov" may be upset re codes on postcards).

All Cats Are Beautiful and Ada Colau Alcaldesa Barcelona

Hammock Forrest

Idea: User:Hanemile

Seen the hammock things with one center pole and a lot of side poles spanning the hammocks in a sort of star form? Well let's do this, but at another scale by adding some more.

  • What we'd need:
    • A lot of hammocks
    • A lot of wood (to build frames)

Hardware Happy Hour

User: Helen Leigh

UV yarn

Like at MCH but better. Need the power/anti-rain-causing-a-short stuff from storage?

Idea: User:boreq


    • Abandoned **

Cargobike-based Tschunk Bar idea I've been toying with. Miserable pun on the german "Mobilfunkzelle" (=radio cell).

What's there:

  • a shitty, old non-electric cargo bike that could be used for this
  • wood to build a hexagonal radio cell frame

What's needed:

  • input if anybody wants to help realize this
  • lights etc. to decorate the frame
  • Tschunk ingredients & storage
  • transport Hamburg <--> Camp

Idea: User:wall-e

Non-alcoholic Tschunk Bar

We want to try having high quality, non-alcoholic Tschunk available at this years camp. This means Tschunk with actual non-alcoholic rum instead of just leaving the rum out. Bar would have very constrained opening hours (something like 2-4 hours per day), as this is mostly a test to see if people enjoy it and we're also constrained by the amount of 0% rum we can pay for up front. Bar would be completely donation based (possibly free as soon as we break even).

What we'd need:

  • a bar
  • a place within the village to put the bar


  • 1 table behind the bar for prep work
  • a tent/pavillon

Idea: User:Nina , User:wall-e