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the kitchen of milliways

The heart of milliways on the CCCamp_2023


XO: SuperQ


  • SuperQ
  • willscott
  • kite
  • sharebrained
  • macker
  • marcin (not every day, but happy to help)


  • Shill
  • Tprg
  • <needs more>


The milliways kitchen makes the food for the village + friends at the camp.

We aim to cater around 500 servings per meal again.

The milliways kitchen is 3 parts:

  • the prep kitchen in the background in the big kitchen tent.
  • the serving bar in the front.
  • the washing station next to the prep kitchen



  • shill
  • Tprg
  • <you>

Equipment and experien e

Used by the kitchen is the cooling trailer.


prep tent

the big kitchen tent

Should hvae a floor.

serving bar


2 beer tresen from gastro-circus

has Grills, griddle plate, deep fryers.

maybe extend the serving bar and get a better tent.



Water with the housewasserwerk worked fine but needs to be prepared

water required by

  • konvektomat
  • dishwasher
  • coffee machine

we need the right piping here. (negative pressure, food safe)



we ruined the pump.

solution from pixelbar? fitting for the pump.

check adapter!


10m2 is more than enough (shelving?)

We will need a cooling trailer from gastro-circus (see beer)

chest-freezer is at pixelbar.

A standard home fridge, or drink fridge, would be useful for quick-access items.


Large Equipment

deep fryer

Gas deep fryer

  • has to be looked again.
  • location milliways storage

Electric deep fryer

  • 8l deep fryer from Bartscher
    • at pixelbar
    • heavy usage after Camp 2019
    • was bought Camp 2019,
    • needs to be checked.
  • 8l deep fryer with tap
    • should be a second one at milliways storage
    • existance & condition has to be veryfied, remember not so good status
  • additional deep-fryers

The gas deep fryer should be replaced by one of these:


  • emfcamp smoker
    • bringing the smoker is not economical.

griddle plate

gas griddle plate

There is one griddle plate in good condition, one as spare parts

location milliways-storage

electric griddle plate

There are 2 electric griddle plates with 3 Phase 16A connector that take around 6KW each. very good condition.

Location: One in the milliways-storage, one at pixelbar.

marie bain


location milliways-storage

second one?

Verify existence and condition

gas cookers

1 hockerkocher, 2 low ones

milliways storage

mostly boiling water & etc (pasta)

Need to be checked.

Verify existence and condition


The konvektomat is in the milliways-storage.

Needs to be checked

gas grills

We have 2 gas grills. one at pixelbar, one at the milliways storage.

Condition neesd to be checked, replacement has to be considered


Last year camp provided a dish washing station.

We might need a washing station for large parts.


get the milliways dishwasher to work again.

additional rincing station


location milliways-storage, pixelbar

5 black plastic shelves

while cooking directly fitting for GN trays:


4 steel prep tables at milliways-storage

confirm the existence of the the black connectors -

4-6 additional tables would be useful for prep space and serving.

small equipment

Milliways storage has:

  • food processor Moulinex masterchef 700
  • ice machine
  • large rice cooker
  • big pots
  • friers shaker
  • friers cutter

SuperQ has:

  • Food processor
  • Kitchen mixer
  • Induction plate
  • Espresso machine

Need to source

  • Coffee grinder

Propane Situation in Germany

  • camp19 propane Orga didnt go great
  • pixelbar has several 16Kg propane tanks that he can get to CCCamp2023 (they should probably be filled and transfereed to milliways Storage ahead)

In Germany you can usually get Propane in a hardware store. There are 2 systems:

- Gray bottles: you buy the bottle and can exchange for a full one (usually you won't get it filled). They are called "Eigentumsflaschen" or "Nutzungsflasche".

- Red bottles for which you pay deposit and can hand them in if you don't need them anymore. They are called "Pfandflaschen"

Red bottles are preferable as even the deposit is less than price of a gray bottle.

Common sizes and valves:

- 5kg, 11kg: valve EN 15202 G12, W 21,8 x 1/14 LH

- 33kg: valve EN 15202 G4, W 21,8 x 1/14 LH

Possible source on preorder:

Food Sources

Metro wholesale

Contact + has a card: SuperQ

Chefs Culinar


they deliver

Contact and account: SuperQ




  • Leo / Janis and their GF
  • cy


  • organize possible brands list beforehand
  • look for keg sponsors
  • organize orders with vendor ahead of camp

Butcher / Schlachterei


FRIEDL Rösterei - Pappelallee 35, 10437 Berlin

(5kg canister, reasonable price)

Coffee unlimited / Maya Kaffeerösterei

various sorts of nice coffee

Hammerbrookstraße 75, 20097 Hamburg

(price depends on coffee, will edit them here soon) tend to bring 2kg hammerbrooklyn coffee

Additional details on coffee setup can be found at Ada's Cafe and the Coffee: Ada's Cafe Project


Links don't work anymore

Was not used last time.

Tuesday, Thursday


Farmer, eggs + milk

Milk, Eggs:

Milk, Eggs:




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Chaos Communication Camp 2019 kitchen page


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