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  • secretary
  • social media
  • heaven

the secretary will evolve into a infodesk team. This team will also cover social media and this wiki.


Ressources on camp needed

  • infodesk hut, water proof
  • Printer
  • Phone
    • DECT
    • land line ISDN phone in booth
  • phone contact list
  • social media accounts
  • access to account.
  • milliways "glowing shop sign"
  • milliways merch, stickers, (TBA), rubber stamp (for hackerspace passports)
  • chalkboards (about four) (for general info, but might also be reused for kitchen menu)



  • function as a kind of "router" and "general contact person" for all milliways related questions.
  • Keep people informed of what should happen when
  • Function as a kind of HQ
  • Keep the Chalk-Boards updated with information of the day/night
  • Connection to the orga
    • This is kind of important, as we're functioning at a scale where there should be some kind of point of contact for the orga if anything is going on with milliways or so. Let's hope that nothing bad happens, but better be prepared.


Chalk Boards

Organize some boards on to which information regarding upcoming events is marked so passing people are informed

  • High Visible Chalk + Ultraviolet Light = awesome?
Inbox Letters

Print "inbox" letters: In case of to much stuff going on or one not being at the infodesk, people should be able to fill out some kind of form with a request. These forms containing the requests can be used to forward the information (and in order to make sure the information doesn't get lost).

Contents of the form:

  • Main (WHAT is the request about?)
  • Time (WHEN did the request get in?)
  • Nick (WHO Was the request from?)
  • contact info, email/DECT# (to get back for confirms or additional info)
  • Details (some space for more information)

The form can be filled out by the person currently at the infodesk, but also by the people coming to the infodesk

Social media

  • handle twitter (should it still exist then) and mastodon posts
    • regular status updates (food, menu, lounge, talks, ...)
    • reply to questions

Heaven (in case we handle some kind of engelsystem)

  • make sure that we get some people that for example help out cooking (also through social media)
  • maybe this can be combined with the main engelsystem