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About Us

Milliways is a big group of information security specialists on hacker camps. We bring big infrastructure which we plan and built ourselves. The intercontinental logistics include self constructed installations. We provide a space for discussions and networking…

We feed hundreds of hackers with self-cooked food out of our self-built infrastructure. Milliways has appeared on several hacker camps in Europe and in North America and has been in existence since 2003.

See communications to contact us.




  • When: 13 - 17 July 2022
  • Where: San Juan Islands, WA, USA


Hope 2022

  • When: 22. - 24. July 2022
  • Where: New York Central

Bornhack 2022

  • When: Wednesday the 3rd of August to Wednesday the 10th of August 2022
  • Where: Funen, Denmark,

defcon 30

  • when: Aug. 11-14, 2022-
  • Where: Las Vegas Babe


  • When: 27-31 December 2022
  • Where: Hamburg

First congress after Corona


Past Events
Name Year Location Link to event page Notes
EMFCAMP 2022 2022 Eastnor, UK
GPN 2022 2022 ZKM, Karlsruhe, DE
Toorcamp 2020 2020 USA This event was cancelled due to obvious reasons.
EMFCAMP 2020 2020 UK This event was cancelled due to obvious reasons.
36c3 2019 CCL, Leipzig, DE
CCCamp 2019 2019 Ziegeleipark Mildenberg near Zehdenick, DE
35c3 2018 CCL, Leipzig, DE
EMFCAMP 2018 2018 Eastnor Castle Deer Park, Herefordshire
TOORCAMP 2018 2018 Doe Bay, San Juan Islands, Washington, USA
34c3 2017 CCL, Leipzig, DE
SHA 2017 2017 Scoutinglandgoed Zeewolde, NL The Dutch Hacker Camp Still Hacking Anyway 2017
33c3 2016 CCH, Hamburg, DE
TOORCAMP 2016 2016 Doe Bay, San Juan Islands, Washington, USA
EMFCAMP 2016 2016 Loseley Park, Guildford
32c3 2015 CCH, Hamburg, DE
CCCamp 2015 2015 Ziegeleipark Mildenberg near Zehdenick
31c3 2014 CCH, Hamburg, DE
TOORCAMP 2014 2014 Hobuck Beach Resort, Neah Bay, WA, US
EMFCAMP 2014 2014 Newton Longville, Milton Keynes Milliways radio
30c3 2013 CCH, Hamburg, DE
OHM 2013 2013 Geestmerambacht, Oudkarspel, NL The Dutch Hacker Camp Observe Make Hack 2013
29c3 2012 CCH, Hamburg, DE First milliways on a Chaos Communication Congress
TOORCAMP 2012 2012 Hobuck Beach Resort, Neah Bay, WA, US
CCCamp 2011 2011 Luftfahrtmuseum Finowfurt First "modern" Milliways, First Challenge coins, First Whiskyleaks
HAR 2009 2009 Paasheuvel, Vierhouten, NL The Dutch Hacker Camp Hacking at Random 2009. Radio Show together with C-RaDaR, Shardy+ certifications.
TOORCAMP 2009 2009 Titan 1 missile Silo, Moses Lake, WA, US First American Hacker Camp
CCCamp 2007 2007 Luftfahrtmuseum Finowfurt The Village was called milliways, Internationalisation of milliways started.
WTH 2005 2005 Veldersbos, Liempde The Dutch Hacker Camp What The Hack 2005. Millways was part of the W00tstock Village, Radio Show together with C-RaDaR.
CCCamp 2003 2003 Freizeithof Paulshof near Altlandsberg First usage of the Name Milliways
HAL 2001 2001 University of Twente, Enschede, NL pre-milliways events: Hackers at Large 2001. pre-milliways events
CCCamp 1999 1999 Freizeithof Paulshof near Altlandsberg pre-milliways events: People starting milliways traveled to the CCC Camp 1999 together.


None public currently anymore



One and only, coming soon!


Self organizing, repeating, turned into a legend. Many bottles arrive, none leave. Bring a bottle of your favourite whisky (or other spirits) and share it with other passionate drinkers. If you can’t bring a bottle, come along - bring one next time!


Write letters to fellow hackers currently declaring jail as their primary place of residence.

Challenge coins

Milliways creates challenge coins associated with every event we make an appearance at.


Done first for the american toorcamp 2009. Today there's several americans domes and a bigger european one in our storage. There's likely a british dome incoming.


Tents - Blue and Green Tent

Lenticular Cloud - Milliways Cloud System

Communications - you can contact Milliways using those methods


Storage - Milliways has a storage. Its a mess

20210807-storageday - day to move and reorganize the storage.

wishlists for Infrastructure

Milliways has some infrastructure. To keep this infrastructure up and running we need spare parts and every other year a replacement server. We have therefore created 3 wishlists on amazon.

spare parts for the server in vienna

managed by User:Tuxcoder

at this moment no needs, the wishlist is empty

spare parts for the backup server in rotterdam

managed by

Wishlist for the Backup server

parts for a new replacement server in Hamburg

managed by no_maam

Wishlist for the Hamburg server


We do coins and stickers. If you want to make some - look in the milliways Seafile for SVG files.


Camping plates with Milliways logo (and Camp motto/year) Idea: McFly, nina has a relatively cheap offer and could deliver within 3 weeks!

We could use them for the kitchen and/or "sell" them for a little sponsoring money.


Travel tips