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Electro Magnetic Field Camp 2018
Start date 2018-08-29
End date 2018-08-31
Location Eastnor Castle Deer Park, Herefordshire


Date & Location

August 31 - September 2nd 2018 https://www.emfcamp.org/

communication & information sources

wiki's & pad's

Pad under https://milliways.info/pad/p/emfcamp18

travelers - add yourself here https://milliways.info/pad/p/emfcamp18-participants - update people you know here so we have numbers (important for shopping for food etc)

Tools pad https://milliways.info/pad/p/emf-tools

and please also here in the EMF-Camp Wiki: https://wiki.emfcamp.org/wiki/Village:Milliways

https://milliways.info/pad/p/emfcamp16 - emf 2016 pad


we're on #milliways on irc.hackint.org



  • mc.fly - day -1
  • Shadow + pidgey as tag-along - Day 0/-1 (not sure yet)
  • sleepyentropy + alyx - aiming to arrive ~day -1 
  • cobolt - day 1
  • magic - day 1
  • fellmoon + snoopy - Day 0
  • JimGM0UIN - day 0
  • tuxcoder - day 0


  • cobolt ordered them them,
  • delivery to meg
  • DONE


  • hibby and tuxcoder talk to each other and bring hardware


  • pidgey shadow pathfinder needs to talk to each other for the wood + paint
  • Bar will be painted black to begin 

Social Media

  • tweet about whiskyleaks and ciderleaks
  • Social Media on more shoulders. If you want to help ask mc.fly

head of kitchen

shifts - possible split up further into single meals?

  • day 0 - chef/ sous-chef / helpers?
  • day 1 - chef/ sous-chef / helpers?
  • day 2 - chef/ sous-chef / helpers?
  • day 3 - chef/ sous-chef / helpers?
  • day 4 - chef/ sous-chef / helpers?

Infrastructure to bring

emfcamp has been asked for space for milliways via mc.fly / crypt.


  • milliways

Bell tent

  • ens tent

Big kitchen tent

  • 8*4m
  • milliways

Small kitchen tent

  • 6*3m
  • milliways

Blue Gazebo

  • 10*10ft
  • who

rented Tent

  • 6x6m
  • with floor
  • rented from emfcamp, should stand on arrival.

rented 3 tables from EMF - fellmoon


When can we get on the venue?

We will allow people on to set up on Thursday 30th

when can we put a trailer on the venue?

Will get a firm answer for this asap / crypt You should be able to leave the trailer on site from the weekend beforehand. Just make sure we know when its arriving, so we know we have someone on site. Trailer is left that early at own risk, as there may not be someone on site for the whole time that week

when do we have to get out there? / crypt

If you're still on site on Monday afternoon, be prepared to be asked to do some heavy lifting :p

when is the tent set up? / crypt

Tents should be set up by Thursday at latest


mc.fly asks russs if they can deliver as plan Z mc.fly talks to pathfinder


1x 72 pint cask of XX Mild by Greene King

1x 72 pint cask of Thames Dock Pale

1x 72 pints St. Edmunds Golden Ale

Cask taps, spiles and auto tilt for this.

what power and water do we need / get?

400V32A? confirmed by russs

do we have sufficient cable drums, extensions cords etc.?

Do we have adapters? UK has different plugs

but only for 230V? leyrer can bring a CEE (16 Amp)->Schuko(Euro) plugs distributaion panel



Gets stuff going before and on camp.

  • pathfinder
  • rich metson - awtnmy
  • kekhmet
  • augeas
  • Cobolt
  • mc.fly


we will need a team and a base from where we build the milliways up from. Several uk ppl volunteered

Transport from

  • London (Ramp up space)
    • shad? kekhmet?
    • Shad - totally happy to store and host people, will share address closer to date with mcfly
    • SleepyEntropy likely driving via Liverpool, Edinburgh, and London, can possibly pick up any required things en route
    • haviland rents a car on day 1 from gatwick and can drive through london.
    • emerson would like to have transport +1 on thursday
  • Rotterdam (Milliways storage)
    • iamcobolt plans to rent a van and can drive from rotterdam
    • mlp is actually renting the van (in antwerp), driving it to rotterdam, and onto the ferry
    • fellmoon drives through rotterdam
    • mc.fly drives 2 weeks early
  • mc.fly will bring all the milliways stuff from rotterdam 2 weeks prior the camp (storage on site?)
  • sh4d has an apartment that can be used to deliver mail to, coordinate etc. London. DM for address: @systemantix
  • path based 1 hour south of EMF and knows area well, has large vehicle for logistics, probably to and from trainstations for camp, logistics from Cardiff (and airport) up to Herefordshire, maybe a Birmingham airport run dependent on timings
  • Post Camp Storage
  • Shad depending on amount




  • Shadow: I can help in the kitchen, at the bar, bring stuff from Belgium, drive around in the UK for people when i'm at the camp, bring my cans of * graffiti as well
  • awtnmy / rich : around for helping cook and doing setup and tear down, and a shift or two on the bar with path.
  • Kekhmet volunteers as uk but cannot be main chef. Willing to help main chef with vegetarian options planning, and can help with cooking/baking some meals.
  • cobolt (pays for first shopping with his CC)
  • Nina
  • Malaclypse
  • Shadow can help in the kitchen as well for a couple of meals but does not have enough experience for main chef
  • path will do some cooking, baking but cannot volunteer as main chef
  • leyrer - happy to help washing up afterwards, ....
  • shroombab can help preparing a veggie meal on 1-2 days (cutting vegetables, potatoes, onions etc...)
  • Nicko - happy to help prep and cooking a couple of days

Questions for kitchen

  • how much kitchen do we want? Do we have volunteers to run the kitchen and organize it? (main chef wanted)

how many meals/day do we want to serve/do we want to serve multiple meals a day?

  • we serve 1 meal a day + breakfast. (are there any vegetarians here?) Yes there are vegetarians. See above I have volunteered to help make sure veggie food happens (Kekhmet)thx!
  • there might be specials (if someone wants to do them)
  • 'Hacks and Racks' - awtnmy trying to finish welding up large offset smoker as a side project to bring. Cannot confirm yet, but hopefully can be used to do racks of ribs and other long slow cooks.
  • cobolt sends a mail to the list.
  • gaz vs uk: do we need one of these, or something else, to adapt burners to local butane cans? lmgtfy was very confusing. https://www.wynen-gas.de/adapters-193.htmlhttps://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0781KZ9QS/ https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B009JU5ONU/
  • fridge / freezer TODO
  • team up with bar
  • awtnmy will check if we can get a rental fridge over his friend....


  • owner pathfinder
  • .path will deal with all bar things except beer pump/keg, which is with other milliways camp stuff*
  • some volunteers for *VERY EASY* bar service (essentially mixing pitchers/bottles of 1-2 cocktails when the current pitchers run out):
    • 1) awtnmy - can definitely do one evening at
    • 2) fellmoon
    • 3) snoopy
    • 4) Shadow (in between talks + evenings)
    • 5) Pidgey (in between talks + evenings)
  • tap? path does not have TODO
  • Possible beer suppliers (they might be useful for advice as much as anything else):
  • http://www.smallbeerwholesale.co.uk/
  • http://jollygoodbeer.co.uk/
  • fridge / freezer
  • team up with kitchen
  • awtnmy check with beer tap supplier
  • Plan B for cooling trailer does not work needed (TODO)
  • ClubMate - DO WE WANT? (yes, but how much?)
    • transport from Rotterdam? preferable due to price, but feasible?
      • 26 GBP in London
      • 10 EUR in Rotterdam
  • http://hitchhikers.wikia.com/wiki/Pan_Galactic_Gargle_Blaster plz?
  • alcohol containing beverages:
  • do we need to become an official bar of the event, or does the milliways donation system circumvent the legal requirements for this?
  • Alcohol sales aren't allowed except at official bars - this is a legal requirement." according to https://twitter.com/emfcamp/status/995303547536396288
  • There will be no sales allowed, but you will be able to give out alcohol on a donation basis, within reason. Setups as previous camps are entirely acceptable. If you have any more questions about this, let me know.
  • There will be no sales - donation or random sales of non alcohol non food items may help but essentially path's stock is a donation of goods at a loss


agreeable communal space lovingly maintained by the rummery crew


TAP? TODO GRG: Possible vendors:

awtnmy - to check with friend who is a GreeneKing sales rep should be able to rent taps etc from him (may even be a favour) will get details on delivery of beers / kegs and see if this is possible too and if so can post list / way to order cooling trailer? irl will send an email / find out possibilities. Mead (I can bring from Belgium, I need a list of people who want mead! - Shadow) yes mead bring mead :P Also more mead coming but not much, one bottle of local Welsh mead

Beer & Drinks, food, general supplies dealer near location Large Tescos at Orchard Ln, Ledbury HR8 1DQ 8 Min Drive OPENS 07:00-23:00 (10:00-16:00 ON SUNDAYS)


http://www.thehopshires.co.uk/index.php/brewing-in-the-hopshires/ http://www.ledburyrealales.co.uk/ http://www.smallbeerwholesale.co.uk https://www.battledownbrewery.com/retail-sales (they seem to allow non-traders) http://www.cellarsupplies.co.uk/ (traders only; license required)




the radio was fun tj and hibby are working on shoutcast based stuff that can be used in conjunction with this to share the djing load. currently plan to connect again to the dutch people, if that doesen't work do a hacky solution on camp side path can bring a set up for this for small-area FM transmission (requires USB3 laptop) https://osmocom.org/projects/osmo-fl2k/wiki can bring the same radio station again (@tuxcoder) it does "phone connector" 3.5mm to FM signal modulation the stereo/rds part has to be done on pc (or not, then it is a mono signal) <~10-15W last time ~1-2km range Sign for the radio, with stars and other cool stuff *-* hibby and tuxcoder talk

Giant wooden sheet for graffiti, cans also

> other wooden structures with an outer wall as projection/art area? I can bring the cans I have left from 34c3 (LeShadow) Bar will be constructed from wood BUT not all paints can be sprayed (fumes taint bar stock/garnishes) // use tar?

Off Grid

Projector to screen / play hacker game Off Grid at bar -

  • Projector needed* - no resolution specifics as game runs at multiple res

awtnmy to bring machine and peripherals but will need help sourcing projector Might also try and do an informal workshop on modding the game / writing your own hacking 'tools' and hackable IoT devices in Lua for the game. mc.fly has 800x600, is that enough 2nd projector?

Milliways Cloud (@tuxcoder)

present the new milliways cloud system, get some feedback how to setup talk


mc.fly / [tj]
Table, enought space


fellmoon / ? [kekhmet willing to help]
Table, enought space

gpg key signing party

irl volunteers

LED strips (TimoB bringing)

new fun project with blinking lights and sound

visit Cheltenham?

minibus? carpool? GCHQ Museum?



lauri and shad are candidates to have a sound system. musalbas checks with them Shad - speakers can head straight from ramp up space


plan there are some design from emfcamp, approved cobolt orders


coin cobolt orders coin. funding rented tent 6x6m with floor iamcobolt 100GBP mc.fly 100GBP March 100GBP carton 100GBP


Looking for ticket:

Ch3pa - hackerspace warshaw? Korigan - irc, mc.fly reaches out - reached, solved? grufwub - SleepyEntropy contacted (Interested) u_1f410 - SleepyEntropy contacted (Interested) colinroitt - SleepyEntropy contacted (interested) pidgey x 2 (to be confirmed, will contact the guy)

Spare tickets - speaker get 2 tickets

musalbas mc.fly - 2 tickets.


commit for orga (with restrictions)

  • pathfinder
  • rich metson - awtnmy
  • kekhmet
  • augeas
  • Cobolt

Who wants Mead

tuxcoder (nice) Cobolt (I stopped drinking... and I still want) kekhmet augeas Arrrrrr ... (awtnmy) Systemantix May Nordin (mead you say?!)


Are People interested in Cider? - there seem to be multiple local cider mills in ledbury This is a big cider area - path supplying a few for the bar, Probably 3 Fellmoon Fellmoon +1 Shadow leyrer