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crazy ideas

Text-editor race

Idea is to get three people, one for vim, one for emacs, and one for sublime, and have a list of tasks they have to do with their editor of choice. Whoever finishes all tasks first wins a prize, although maybe have an alternative prize for creativity.

One way to handle this:

  • Have groups of tasks to be solved
  • The race would be in X stages, for X groups. Maybe one group is modifying text, another group is writing a program to do something. Maybe each group could showcase the strengths of one editor, to make things more fair.
  • After each stage finishes, each contestant shares how they solved the task. The fastest person wins a point by default, but if someone else makes a good argument why their way should win the point (it was creative, etc) then they could steal.
  • At the end, the person with the most points wins.

Some unsolved questions:

  • Is there a simple way to feed four monitors into a system to be projected?
  • How do we factor in preparation time? Examples: maybe someone needs to download plugins, maybe someone needs to run ctags or something
    • One idea is to have everyone start with minimal install for each challenge
  • Can we get a microphone and speakers? Sort of like how Mitch runs his soldering workshops
  • A projector wall?
  • How long do we need? I would say one hour officially, but maybe 1.5 hours because it always takes longer.