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Storage refactoring on 2022 August 7

refactoring the storage

We want to refactor our storage. that means:

  • move all remaining shit from the partykeller in Wuppertal to the storage in Unna
  • pack things in a useful way into Auer crates
  • check if stuff is rotted away
  • check for completeness and needed spare parts
  • if dirty clean stuff
  • ideally build some kind of shelfing for the storage.
  • repaint the dome strutts.


storage Wuppertal

  • Everything has to get out. Everything.
  • ideally pack it in crates on the way out.
  • Address TBA

storage Unna

  • parts of our stuff is here
  • all of our stuff needs to go here



  1. Kamerabernd
  2. ryd
  3. mc.fly
  4. nomaam
  5. SuperQ


  1. fellmoon
  2. snoopy
  3. brabo
  4. whatismyname - marcin
  5. coderobe
  6. mwfc

no, sorry, excused

  1. kraln
  2. tuxcoder
  3. boreq
  4. flex