Emfcamp 2024

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Electromagnetic Field 2024
The UK camp
Start date 2024-05-30
End date 2024-06-02
Location Eastnor


The whiskyleaks will be on saturday at milliways.

communication & information sources

wiki's & pad's

Pads can be created under https://cpad.milliways.info/ Please link here when done.

irc for milliways ppl

You find the other milliways people on #milliways on irc.hackint.org, the milliways-emfcamp channel can be found under #milliways-emfcamp

matrix for orga

The orga of the milliways will be found on Matrix at #milliways-emfcamp:milliways.info. The milliways-space with the other milliways channels can be found at #milliways-space:milliways.info

Traveller Information

travelers - add yourself here emfcamp24-participants - update people you know here so we have numbers (important for shopping for food etc)

and please also here in the EMF-Camp Wiki: https://wiki.emfcamp.org/wiki/Village:Milliways

Milliways Challenge Coin

There will be a milliways challenge coin.



We took some stuff out of the Weeze Storage to bring to EMF.

British Dome

the British Dome. Where is it? What's the deal? Supposedly with EMF, check in with them for details.

Radius should be same as dome in Weeze_Storage, 4.75m

rented tents

We should rent at least one main tent again. We should consider buying a kitchen tent.



Tarp for Dome



orga for Milliways travelers


Emfcamp_2024/Kitchen_meal_plan, Emfcamp_2024/Kitchen_shifts

  • Kitchen will be "bring your own plate" - you should bring your own cutlery and plates
  • Please sign up for a shift at the link above to keep the kitchen working throughout the weekend

We are planning for dinners for 25-50 people which will be half vegetarian and also breakfast. We do not have the infrastructure to plan for vegan. If you have any specific dietary requirements, please get in touch!

Equipment needed:

  • griddle plate - gas or electric? buy or rent?
  • 2 induction plates - 1 in EU storage
  • 3 large pots - we do not have any
  • tent - renting from emf or buying?
  • couple of gastro containers - EU storage
  • knifes + cutlery + tongs, spatulas + cutting boards - EU storage?
  • 3 benches / tables for prep, cooking and distribution - from emf?
  • shelf - buy and move to Meg's storage afterwards?
  • 2 refrigerators - 1 kitchen, 1 for private stuff - need to be rented
  • coffee / tea infrastructure?
  • confirm dish cleaning situation


Main groceries

List of breweries


crazy ideas

milliways radio

bring back milliways radio on 104.2


milliways has been to nearly all of the emfcamps. We plan to do that again in 2024.

Relevant old wiki pages with content are here: