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* [[Lenticular_Cloud/Jabber]]
* [[Lenticular_Cloud/Jabber]]
* [[Lenticular_Cloud/Mail]]
* [[Lenticular_Cloud/Mail]]
* [[Lenticular_Cloud/Rss]]
* [[Lenticular_Cloud/Seafile]]
* [[Lenticular_Cloud/Seafile]]
* [[Lenticular_Cloud/Shell]]
* [[Lenticular_Cloud/Shell]]

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Account Mangement/Registration

Please visit https://account.milliways.info to edit or create your account.

Mote information about the system Lenticular_Cloud/Account

Available Services

Currently Planed/Evaluated Services

  • RSS Reader - TTRSS, if you have interests write tuxcoder
  • tell me

Migration from old system

Please take a look to this page for Lenticular_Cloud/Migration from the old system.

We are switching currently to a new Sever with a lot of internal changes



hackint.net #milliways ask for "tuxcoder|m" or "tuxcoder"

matrix: tuxcoder

Milliways Mailing List



Account Mangement: https://github.com/LenticularCloud/Cloud-Ldap-Admin

Cloud System itself: https://github.com/LenticularCloud/playbook_milliways