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Each registration has to be approved by an admin to prevent spamers and unexpected access to the infrastructure.

Stored Data


The passwords are stored as salted sha-512, what is a good enought secure hash. Moderner hashes like bcrypt,.. are not supported by Open-LDAP.

Alt Email

This is an email to contact the user outside this cloud system. Also password reset will be send there, so please take care about the security of this given email-address.

Public GPG/PGP key

The GPG key is used to secure the communication to the alt-email. So a password reset is much easier for an administrator, because he can verify the user by a additional factor.

Last modified

The last modification of the user account

Account Created

Date when the account is created.



Each service can be activated and deactivated.


The master password is the password mean to login into https://account.milliways.info. If this checkbox is enabled, this password is also valid for the current service.


Each password has a Id to identify the hashed passwords.

Normally you can have multiple "password" for each service, this can be uses as access tokens for different devices.

Eg. generate a random password(`$ pwgen 32` ), add it to the service, copy it to the device, access