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the Chaos Communication Camp 2023 will be somewhere Summer, likely late July, August 2023 at an so far unknown location

recent news

  • its still 2023


do it. 2 x 300 last time. Just sold out.


example subvillage

if you know what this means and want to make a subvillage - add yourself here. Template:

  • description
  • travel history
  • Infra, things you bring
  • Main Contact:
  • Second Contact:


Make sense when location is known.


here will be the lists of travelers and maybe vouchers

travel to campsite and back


travel mngt

Core orga team.


  • about 500 meals/day
  • three stage (prep backend, serving frontend, washing station)
  • crew
    • Main Kitchen
    • Bakery


The Buildup worked ok in 2023. The Takedown not so much. We need a document of lessons learned.

The Task is to get basically everything in the storage, load it into a truck, Drive it to the camp site on time and to take it down stressfree without overloading and burning volunteers and get it back into the storage and unload.


  • secretary
  • social media
  • heaven
  • physical Infodesk was cool. Better construction and planning, maybe even preassembling.
  • connection to ccc infodesk and core team could be better
  • crew

Power + Network

  • 400V & 230V network. Power for Kitchen, teh village, the decoration.
  • should communicate Water, Power and Dirtwater needs to camp23 at once its possible (together with water team)

water team

  • should communicate Water, Power and Dirtwater needs to camp23 at once its possible (together with power/network team)
  • needs to supply water to:
    • konvektomat
    • ice machine
    • warm water heater in kitchen
    • sink
    • coffee corner (ask team coffee)
    • Bakery
    • beerTap

art of light and decoration

  • task - make milliways awesome & colorful
    • setting up the decoration and the lights.
    • make Art & Beauty at milliways.
    • Planning on the lightening on site. DMX universes.

kinda requirement; Be on site at least 3 days early.

Topics at the moment: Decorations, PAR, light fixtures, DMX, programming the light with DMX...


If there are village talks again this team:

  • Handling the CFP
  • reviews the submissions and gets external insights.
  • accepts and rejects talks incl all mails connected to that
  • scedules the resulting Fahrplan
  • contact for the speakers
  • Managing the content on the stage.
  • we might want to get the manege / amphitheater thing

With milliways we'll be hosting a stage and a workshop area. If you would like to give a talk or a workshop - let us know via

Hardware Hacking Village

  • Organize the Hardware Hacking Area infrastructure


  • the music system. PA, Speakers dj set etc...
  • communicates with orga over sound limitations
  • places speakers to reduce emmisions
  • the music itself


  • Team beer organizes, well... beer.
  • gets local beer contact from (100dreds of different kegs)
  • Should be able to have german phone-calls
  • keep an eye on who sponsors what keg





a team to build things out of wood.

Free Beer


HoBo Tents


Power & Network


crazy ideas