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To commemorate ToorCamp’s 10 year anniversary, we’re organizing a village at the Chaos Communication Camp in 2019. We’re bringing all of the awesomeness of ToorCamp to CCC Camp to show them how us Americans do it!

We’re providing membership packages that include food (thx Milliways!), infrastructure, and shelter. We’ll also do what we can to help everyone get tickets to the event, which must be booked directly through the CCC organization.

If you want to bring out an awesome project, post about it to the forum so we can help you bring it out to camp. We can’t wait to see you all there!

tEUrCamp Prime Dome

We're building a 2V dome that's around 15' tall / 30' diameter which is just under the max height and size that we're allowed to build. We're having a local company build the struts for us ahead of time out of iron pipe -- the same as the milliways dome they've been using for many years. We're planning on building a custom cover for it that we'll bring out on the airplane.

tEUrCamp Sign

We're going to build a smaller version of the TOORCAMP sign that we built last year. Zach Archer has provided us with all of the code and bill of materials he used for controlling the sign, but unfortunately he's unable to make it out. If any of you are interested in helping pull this together, please let me know so I can forward you info. We'll be getting construction materials to build the sign on-site, but it'd be great to have the electronics working ahead of time that we can bring out and attach to the sign once it's built.

Internet of Buckets

We're planning on bringing out the guts from a bunch of the ToorCamp buckets and will source buckets in Germany to reassemble them into. They will be flown out by either people coming from Seattle or Portland..

TikiTech ToorBar

Divide & Jacqueline are planning on setting up their Tiki bar (similar to the one at ToorCamp last year) and they'll probably need help with some build out, but mostly with running the bar throughout the event. If any of you are able to help with this during the event, please reply to this email so we can get you included on their volunteer list.

The TikiTech ToorBar will travel throughout CCCamp and pop-up in different areas each night. There will probably be a kick-off showing at the tEUrCamp village the first night (the 21st) and then a final visit on the last night (the 25th).

Ada's Cafe

We're going to team up with Milliways to bring something like the Ada's Cafe to our village for serving Espresso drinks, Coffee, Tea, etc for donations to help benefit Milliways.

Oscilloscope Music

We have Jerobeam Fenderson coming out to the camp and he'll be performing and doing workshops at the camp. Since his laser show after ToorCamp last year, he's been working on redoing his show to better incorporate lasers, so we're hoping to work that into his performance this year. If any of you know anyone we can borrow fast lasers (> 40kps) and/or speakers for use at the camp, please let us know!


frigginGlorious will be bringing his Baglama, because he is traveling light and otherwise has few skills or abilities to contribute.

Who wants to play music with this guy?

Other Ideas!!!!

I know that many of you have lots of other great ideas of things we can bring out to Europe to better represent what we've built in the US, so send your ideas here so we can get other volunteers involved to make them a reality.