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may contain hackers 2022

the dutch hacker camp. a year late due to ... well, you know.

Date & Location

22nd to 26th July 2022

Zeewolde, the Netherlands

communication & information sources

wiki's & pad's

Pads can be created under Please link here when done.

travelers - add yourself here mch22-participants - update people you know here so we have numbers (important for shopping for food etc)

and please also here in the MCH-Camp Wiki: (when that exists)

irc for milliways ppl

You find the other milliways people on #milliways on,

matrix for orga

The orga of the milliways will be found on Matrix at

the plan

Currently we're trying to get an impression on how many people want to join.

Based on that we should make a plan on how we want to rock MCH.

We also will have a discussion on go/nogo conditions.

currently you'll likely find most informations at the matrix channel