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=== May Contain Hackers 2022 ===
#REDIRECT [[MCH 2022]]
The dutch hacker camp. a year late due to ... well, you know.
== Date & Location ==
22nd to 26th July 2022. See [// the camping info on the official wiki] for hints about when to arrive and leave.
Zeewolde, the Netherlands. See [// location info on the official wiki] for travel tips.
== Communication & information sources ==
=== Wiki's & pad's ===
Pads can be created under Please link here when done.
Travelers - '''add yourself here [[mch22-participants]]''' - update people you know here so we have numbers (important for shopping for food etc).
Snd please also here in the MCH-Camp Wiki: (when that exists)
=== IRC for milliways ppl ===
You find the other milliways people on #milliways on,
=== Matrix for orga ===
The orga of the milliways will be found on Matrix at
== The plan ==
Based on that we should make a plan on how we want to rock MCH.
=== dome on mch2022 ===
we want to build up the dome with the benches and make that the center of milliways.
=== milliways sign ===
the milliways sign from pixelbar, rotterdam
=== UV yarn installation ===
Boreq wants to create an art installation using UV-reactive yarn and UV lights + a couple of sticks and power cables.
=== Mario Kart event ===
=== kitchen on MCH2022 ===
==== equipment ==== will bring from the Pixelbar
* 2 380V 16A Griddle Plate
* 1 gas grill
* 1 gas cooker (unconfirmed)
* 1 deep fryer, 8l (maybe 2)
* 1 baking oven with 4 sheets
* 1 big wok pan, 2 big pots
* 1 tent
* 2 tables
from the milliways storage
* 1 large rice cooker
Fridge etc.

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