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Go to https://account.milliways.info/ to activate your shell or add passwords/ssh keys.

! Probably you have to refresh the page to see changes !



ssh <username>@shell.milliways.info

IPv4 (legacy IP)

ssh -p 2222 <username>@shell.milliways.info


 Host ipv4.shell.milliways.info
   HostName shell.milliways.info
   AddressFamily inet
   Port 2222

With that config you can use it with the following command:

 ssh <username>@ipv4.shell.milliways.info

Socks Proxy

You can use the ssh connection, to create a socks proxy on port 1080 with

 ssh -D 1080 shell.milliways.info

The proxy is then capable of ipv4 and ipv6 connections