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Some people of milliways meet to drink some beers from time to time. Milliways drink ups are a great way to meet and see your friends between cons and camps. If you're local or in town for work/life/running from the law etc come join us for a beer and some bites.


Rotterdam drinkup meets from time to time at pixelbar to drink some beers. Talk to mc.fly ....


Bi-monthly drink ups at loading... bar[1] the 1st and 3rd Thursday starting at 6:30pm to 8:30pm (or later if you want to hang out). When you arrive you can ask the bar for Milliways and should be pointed to the group, bring a Milliways coin if you have one as it could nab you a free beer ;)



Seattle currently enjoys a well run hacker drink up with a number of Milliways people, if you're local and want to organize a Milliways crew that could be a good place to start feel free to replace this with more details.