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The Coven

Who's coming?


  • Get list of all people
  • Organise Mumble Calls - x41
  • Check the tent is OK
  • Sort out what we need from milliways storage if anything
  • decide final art list
  • get all the stuff to emf storage / goats house
  • buildup plan
  • teardown plan


Coven Tent

Size: 3*9 M, depending if it actually works

In need of serious repair but will be checked for damage before EMF and fixed. In case it can't we can get a new tent but would rather use this one.


  • Coven Art
    • Display some cool art from the folks at the coven
      • IckSie's Single LED
      • Goat's SIP Phone
      • Goat's Cat Array
    • Zines
      • V's Zine
      • Annie / Micheal Zine
  • Chill zone
    • Chill spot with nice lights, power, ethernet and seating

Things we need

  • Tent
  • Floor
    • Pallets or from Orga. Will update with more info
  • Cushions
  • BIN!
    • BIN BAGS
  • Cooler
  • Speakers
  • Lights
    • LED strips everywhere
    • Fairy lights
  • Dedicated Music Machine
    • Old laptop?
  • Network Switch
    • Will need the super long ethernet cable + a fuck ton of small ones
  • The UPS
  • Plugs
    • EU to UK Adapters (at least 4, make sure to mark them so we don't lose them)
    • At least 4 or 5 UK extenders.
  • Hammer
  • Ducktape (So Much)
  • Rope
  • Tarps