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current communications


you find us on #milliways on


we have a mailinglist. Subscribe by sendin an empty mail to

improve the communications situation

use cases

The most critical use cases are in my opinion:

tickets are availible for sale

time critical informations before the event

food is ready

time critical informations on the event

how do we improve the Sinclair C5

not time critical discussions

possible solutions

In both cases time for communication is critical. I have been considering

  • improve the use of existing and already used tools
  • agree on one chat tool that everyone uses
  • build an app for android and iphone to push info on people's phones
  • push text messages
  • your idea here....?

mobile app

  • needs to be availible for android and ios
  • just a mobile app with MQTT that connects to a MQTT server and subscribes to the relay. the relay can send messages out to every subscriber, the app will show them as push notification
  • would be nice if the app app is availible in the app stores.