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* mc.fly 3
* mc.fly 3
* cookingroffa 2
* cookingroffa 2
* coderobe

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we often tried, we never really did that. But i think it would be nice to have some milliways tshirts.

So i have just talked to freddruck and we came to the conclusion that we will make something with the milliways logo on the left chest and optionally the nick below it. And maybe something for the back. Supporter, team, chef - or a nice design.

We will then add 10 eur on the price as donation to milliways and he'll put it in his shop and we can all buy there and get it shipped directly.

How many would we need? Who would be interested? I want all the "yes" or "here, immedeately" to be able to count them. The estimated number of tshirts has clearly an influence on the price. Decision time is 14 of May. :-D

This is just a count, so i need the number of tshirts, not the size.

List of interested people

  • mc.fly 3
  • cookingroffa 2
  • coderobe