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* s3krit - buildup / takedown
* s3krit - buildup / takedown
* mc.fly
* mc.fly
* fellmoon
* fellmoon - water
* snoopy
* snoopy
* havilland - power + netz
* havilland - power + netz
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=== water ===
=== water ===
We will have 2 IBCs as buffer<br />
we will have to handle freshwater and waste water, mostly for the kitchen. This is a planning + buildup job.
# drinking water
## we have a hauswasserwerk somewhere > in storage or at pixelbar?
# wastewater
## we probably need an additional pumpt or something to pump wastewater from kitchen into the IBC?
=== kitchen ===
=== kitchen ===

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CCC Camp 2019 Orga page


  • tuxcoder - it
  • ninab - food
  • mwfc - man with a poke stick
  • superq - chef
  • miketango - superstar
  • Valka - infodesk
  • s3krit - buildup / takedown
  • mc.fly
  • fellmoon - water
  • snoopy
  • havilland - power + netz
  • shibumi

communication + orga space

irc channel

it would be nice if people from orga would sit in #milliways on irc.hackint.org (ssl!). This is the general milliways irc channel and best way for discussions. People will talk to you there. :-D

milliways mailinglist

everyone in orga should be on the milliways mailinglist. Talk to mc.fly if you're not on the list already.

This list is not only orga but the wider milliways mailinglist. Communication that needs to be visible by everyone goes in here.


rocket chat of the CCC, channel #milliways.

This is the main communication channel for the milliways orga. It works on Browser, there is several desktop applications and there are mobile apps for all mobile phone os. We need something that works on both devices.

This is an invite only channel so you need to be invited by any of the moderators. ask around.

The CCC communication runs over rocket, so basically everyone in orga needs to be in this channel anyway.

ticket system

we have a gitosis that has a ticket system. Link there:



for voice conferences we'll use our mumble server. from a certain point we'll need halffrequent mumble meetings.

job descriptions

main person with a poke stick

Poke people so they do things. Nicely but also don't give up.

proposal: mwfc


We'll need a secretary. Shibumi did this on ccc camp 2015 and that rocked!

This is a "on camp job" but good when on site for the later buildup.

That's the person that will get the milliways dect + gsm, twitter, jabber, irc, rocket - all of the things. This is the contact person for internal and external communication. You have to store and forward the info to the other people of milliways. You have everyones communication channels and are able to reach out to everyone here.

Also recieves all paperwork for the event so in the end someone else can make some financial overview.

We will get a milliways GSM card (from Miketango?).

wiki maintainer

maintains the wiki from the content side and makes it usable and nice.

Mostly a job for "before the buildup".

it infrastructure admin

Management: tuxcoder

sets up and maintains the IT infrastructure so we can work on something. :-)

before camp job.

buildup & takedown manager

Management: s3krit

  • be there early, 16th latestly, 9th would be nice.
  • kick people's butt that stuff gets set up and not only weedsmoking.
  • have an overview what comes when and goes where.
  • be on ground early,
  • leave late.

Volunteers here:

  • s3krit - teamlead / coordinator
  • coderobe
  • kgz
  • oTTr
  • mwfc
  • Shadow
  • sleepyentropy
  • awkwardgoodbyes
  • boreq


The truck driver.

We need a person with C1E, CE or else - truck driving licence. Can drive a 7.5to truck from the milliways storage (Essen) to the camp site. Also possibly pickup run from the mill and other big pickup runs.

Ideally has driven (small) trucks before and takes over buildup logistics. that'll be some 1Mm (1000km) of distance to drive before and after roughly.

People with Klasse 3, C1E or CE driving licences:

  • mc.fly CE
  • MikeTango CE
  • mlp B

social media

Someone handling social media and put things there. We will need some hype for us for the coins and all the other things we plan to do.

Possibly a job for a team of 3-5 ppl but we'd need a head of the team that's part of orga.

visual media

Photographer who can do photo documentation of the whole milliways (and is privacy aware).

Someone good with making videos to have a nice milliways video.

Potential 3D model of milliways (ping awtnmy).

power + network

the cable guy. Makes sure we have network + power at the places where we need it. Makes sure we have the equipment + connectivity at the places we need.

maybe also handles the milliways-DC (the servers in the benches...)

would also have to keep contact with the power + network teams at ccc

Maybe we can talk Haviland into this :D

Contact C3noc is Niels Bakker


We will have 2 IBCs as buffer

  1. drinking water
    1. we have a hauswasserwerk somewhere > in storage or at pixelbar?
  2. wastewater
    1. we probably need an additional pumpt or something to pump wastewater from kitchen into the IBC?


we need here a proper chef to organize the cooking part of the kitchen and a milliways interface for that person to interact with milliways and find milliways type solutions for unique camp problems of a kitchen that big.


if we want to make content we need someone who looks for this. So - what kind of infrastructure do we want to build and what kind of content would we want to offer then. Also means would be contact to somewhat CCC team there.