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@kraln has rented a storage unit in Berlin where things can be shipped to, and will be brought to camp:

MyPlace Abteil #0556
Milliways / Jeff Katz
Ellen-Epstein-Straße 2
10559 Berlin

Latest status image of the storage space:

Stuff that has arrived:

Date Arrived Courier Tracking Number Contents
09.07.19 via DPD 094461181680358 Fire Extinguisher
09.07.19 via DHL 00340434185818910298 Bain Marie
20.07.19 via AZN AFU027835153 ??
20.07.19 via AZN AFQ003402613 ??
24.07.19 via UPS 1Z A4V 558 68 4053 1875 Globe motor
25.07.19 via DHL 854992729965 Globe itself (no spot)
29.07.19 via DPD 014751299750190 "Lifetime Outdoor Kinder K"
29.07.19 via DPD 014751299750190 Geodisic dome thing?
30.07.19 via AZN AFO059304723 Airbed
30.07.19 via AZN AFO059232283 Airbed
30.07.19 via GLS 854487307546 Ice Machine from 'commercetool' @h1kari
02.08.19 via AZN AEZ001975513 2x 60W LED Spotlights, 4x LED disco lights,
02.08.19 via AZN AFR067005523 6x LED Par spotlights
02.08.19 via GLS YUSGSNMU Airpot Coffee Maker @h1kari
02.08.19 via DHL JJD000390003813645907 Tent from 'gatekeeper'
04.08.19 Via DP Something from ABC Schnäppchenmarkt
04.08.19 Via USP 1ZW49R700494299224 Grip arms for Sinister Woodsprite Selfie Corner
04.08.19 via DPD 01475109820759 oneConcept Braufreund 18l

Ordered but not yet arrived: please put here.

Date Ordered Courier Tracking Number Contents
07.08.19 ? ? ETC sourcefourjr & 575W bulb from
05.08.19 DPD 1709392547 tEUrCamp tents and sleeping bags
06.08.19 fedex 813411673610 tEUrCamp pads
Something from FedEx that's stuck in customs?! If you have the tracking number please put it here.
Something via TNT from HongKong (tracking # 345404604) with 160 euro tax on it?
Sorry! This is the tEUrCamp inflatable dome -h1kari