CCCamp 2019-buildup

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If you would like to help out with buildup and teardown, please contact s3krit in IRC or Rocket Chat. Will need lots of help. Especially if you are a specialist such as:

  • Woodworking
  • Electronics (mainly blinken)

Volunteer list




Renting list

Preise / Bestellmöglichkeit für Tische, Stühle und Großzelte wird es geben, rechne nicht vor KW21 damit... 

Shopping list


  • 20 metre White LED Strips
  • 10 metre RGB LED Strips (addressable or no?)
  • 10 metre Red LED Strips

Construction materials

  • Wood to cover floor for Kitchen and Bakery tents at the very least
  • LOTS of hot glue (for waterproofing electronics)
  • Wood attachment hardware (bolts, long and short screws, etc)

Tool requirements

Stick your name next to any of these if you are able to provide them

  • Power drills
  • Circular saws
  • Router/"oberfraese"
  • Hot glue guns


  • Bakery tent - 4x8m - requires floor
  • Kitchen tent - 4x8m - requires floor
  • Hackcenter tent - 4x8m
  • Dome
  • 2-3 smaller tents
  • Big russian army tent
  • Potentially a shed for the kitchen, so we use the kitchen tent as another hackcenter tent
  • Large black-on-black spaceship with a red LED landing pad and blacklit base (see Crazy Ideas)
  • Tiki bar