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wiki page for Chaos Communication Camp 2019

the Chaos Communication Camp 2019 will be August 21 - 25 2019 at the Ziegeleipark Mildenberg. Same location as CCC Camp 2015

Voucher wish list

Voucher wish list page


the Orga has its own page


Kitchen page


Buildup/teardown page


the secretary might evolve into a infodesk team

milliways infodesk page

power + network

Power + Network page

card10-badge integration

A message from future was decoded which gave information. There will have been a badge at camp which gets reverse engineered as we speak to not break the time continuum. We will have had integration at milliways with it, which is still to be reconstructed.

coderobe is looking into this


scottish embassy?


crazy ideas

We said we wanted to have 40 crazy ideas on the wiki to be able to pick 15 good ones.

Please add your idea, some details, who had it. Makes it easier to track this back down and ask for context.


MikeTango has some post apoc bicycles that could be very useful on camp, a trike for cargo (or rickshaw), a postal service bike with boxes and others. Will bring if space is available.

high rotating milliways sign

a sign, very high, on a mast pole. to show where milliways is.

Idea: valka,

Need more signs and a rotating motor.

  1. letsdoit

Metallic Starship

Idea: Felipe Sanches

The design of the iconic CCC rocket looks very similar to the upcoming SpaceX Starship (the payload portion of the Big "Falcon" Rocket). It would be extremely cool to build the 2019 edition of the CCC rocket in shiny silver material.

Note: OK... it is not identical! The CCC rocket is more curvy / cartoonish. But the SpaceX Starship is significantly different from the typical rocket designs in the sense that it lands on its own "tails/wings" just like we've seen in cartoons in the past (like the Tin-tin rocket!)

  1. sounds awesome but is it realistic? Till gpn we need an idea there.

milliways logo projection in batman bat signal style

Idea: FellMoon

Spotlight 1200W with "A-Gobo" available, but i'd opt for a vectoring lazer.

milliways train

As its in the brick museum again i'd love to have a train.

Background: The Ziegeleipark Mildenberg has a narrow gauge train track that was used last year. I would like to have our own milliways vehicle that can transport some few people but for sure goods from entrance to milliways.


awtnmy - Interested in helping construction / welding - Pidgey suggested he would be too



Price: 12 670 euro

  • con
    • vermutlich teurer
  • pro
    • vermutlich geil.

Wasteland Cyber Camp

Idea MikeTango

I'd love a Wasteland/post apoc/cyberpunk theme. Reasons: I do the wasteland stuff and have boatloads of army surplus and experience in scenebuilding in that area. With enough help i could probably build a whole compound. From my private stash:

- Tents

One Army tent 24 Person 10 by 5 meters

One Army tent 6 Person 6 by 3 meters with sun roof

One Yurt 12 Person 8m diameter

One yurt 6 person 4,5m diameter

One white tent 6 person 4,5m diameter

- Shade

Three complete desert camouflage systems,361854274218984,627803,back

can be combined to one screen 20 by by 17 meters hexagon, 250 m²

A few hundred square meters of rectangular woodland camo nets in various sizes

- Seating

A few bean bags, hammocks, hammock chairs

- Lighting

Currently 12 professional outdoor LED lights 12*18W LED, more inbound

Shitloads of aircraft anti collision lights and other blinken

- Sound

A PA or two

- Truss

Enough Truss to build a 3 by 6 m L-gate, 3m high

- Misc

I can also provide tons of ratchet cargo straps, tiedowns, stakes, flagpoles, wires, ropes, old parachutes etc. 20 field telephones and a central station 20 DECT phones.

- What the Hack?

On last camp we had a large area under shade (and hidden from those nasty drones) and i'd love to set up something like that again. The big tents were good for people who couldnt bring their own stuff due to budget/luggage constraints. We found that you could fit lots of small tents into the spaces between the guy lines of the large tents, so no space was wasted and it looked cool. If you're worried about it looking too military, we will have enough colourful cloth, flags, blinkenlights etc to make it look funky as hell. I'd love to have everyone bring as much crazyness into it as possible.

There's more stuff if i just ask the other crazy wasteland guys. MikeTango (talk) 20:58, 4 September 2018 (UTC)


  2. fellmoon
  3. s3krit
  4. valka


connected-milliways physical structure

Idea Fellmoon

like having a (few) containers instead of tents and connect them somehow to the dome or span hammocks between and them or lift the dome up ontop of a hexagon made out of containers + having something like a terrace or a spot for other installations like watchtower2.o or lazzerz or projecting stuff on $surface

Milliways Shanty town/Favela style

Idea Fellmoon


  • shelter from rain and sun, maybe doable with solid ground or an upper level
  • easy to combine with dome and MikeTangos stuff/other ideas
  • lot's of space for graffiti, workshops etc.
  • material maybe could maybe found for little money on local a junkyard or recyclingyard


  • lots of (physical) work
  • probably lots of material to transport to the ground/take down and dispose afterwards
  • depending on the size stuff like fire-regulations could become a thing we have to talk to orga but as its outside there is a chance for that, the berlin village did something like this. the limit is 25m2 from what i remember...

still lets see if we can get something together there.

disconnect all the wirelezz

Idea Fellmoon

like jamming all the frequencies and propagate that everybody needs to use wired connections

Pro: awesome lulz.

Con: lots of angry hackers. esp guests might not get the joke.

This bad taste of a "joke" goes against CCC's principle of "Be excellent to each other". Highly discouraged.

milliways moving objects

rail vehicle

bring transport back on the rails. We want to build a vehicle that can transport goods and (limited) people from milliways to the entrance. As a track system exists we'd like to use them.

We also need to go through information to find the gauge and possible storage locations.

Gauge is 500mm

Sinclair C5-S

Someone awesome aquired a Sinclair C5 shell without engine. We should pimp that out and have a cool, light and fast one person moving object on wheels.

awtnmy - have access to printer cutter for creating vinyl signs, could make milliways decals for vehicles easily. Max width / height is 330mm (ish) but can be almost any length you can buy vinyl rolls in.

working kitchen

Organized kitchen not in headless mode making awesome food at the right time for everyone.

milliways lightboxes

See turning sign above.

We need 2 more classical milliways signs and 4 that are one sided.

flight cases or other for transport simplification

euro containers are nice and one can get them sometimes really cheap if you we buy bulk. various heights available, I heard that the red ones (aka meat crates) are more durable than the grey ones I use - fellmoon

String Art in Dome

display/project relevant info at kitchentent

Idea Fellmoon

Use projector or big display-matrix (SuperQ?) to display relevant informations like estimated food time, $number volunteers avtively needed for $task, whiskyleaks, workshops etc. on a good visible place near the kitchen e.g. the tentroof

alternative: use the charkboards we have and never use :-D

Coffee / Tee / non-alcoholic beverages point

Idea Fellmoon / Snoopy

having a fixed spot/shack/something where people can get coffee/tea/water+citricts or similiar outside the kitchen, more or less like at EMF before we go the ordered tent buildup but with a bit more "structure" like a small bar/desk thing + a few seats & possible shelter from sun - could also be used as a fixed point, where people could get coins.

nice one, we should do that. also involve superQ

field day 10 nov 2018

There is a field day at 10 Nov 2018 at the location. It would be useful if many people go.

people going: