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| Flachfitting
| Flachfitting
| tsuni
| tsuni/spekul
| Welde01 50l
| Welde01 50l

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Free software contains free speech and free beer. We do the free beer part here.


ya know free software is free speech and free beer, right?

free speech = anyone can submit changes, free beer = you don't have to pay to use it

the free speech is done in the talks of the camp.

the free beer part is done at milliways.

We organize free beer by giving everyone to bring a keg - or buy one and let milliways organize the transport.

A 50l keg of beer is somewhere between 100 eur up to 130 for fancy normal beers. Craft breweries ask for a higher price but over 200eur for a 50l keg is rare.

free beer

You know what you want, you might know where to get it, Add yourself and your beer here.

user beer status comment keg-head
mc.fly Kaapse Brouwers 30l talked to brewery
mc.fly Einbecker Brauherrn 50l my home beer. I grew up with this.
wuschl Räuberbräu brown ale 50l Flachfitting
wuschl Räuberbräu oat ale 30l Flachfitting
tsuni/spekul Welde01 50l Flachfitting

i want to contribute

you want to support this but you don't know what yet precisely? Add yourself here. mc.fly will chase you down and help you to get into the list above.

Freeside + sigsegv: 1+ kegs

valka + s3krit: 1 keg


gastro circus

Our last camp primary venor was

Gastro-Cirkus GmbH Adresse: Straße am See 17a OT, 16775 Löwenberger Land, Deutschland Telefon: +49 33094 70165

Last camp we had excellent experience with them, so we'll try to go with them.

We ask them to supply a beer list, taps, cooling trailer, CO2 and all the things we need to get the beerz going

As their choice is good but limited there might be some berlin or other beer vendor that we want to consider.

The assortment of the local vendor is https://www.getraenke-roessler.de/fileadmin/documents/sortiment/Sortimensliste_07-2016.pdf here.

Getränke Roessler Falkenthaler Chaussee 33 16792 Zehdenick