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Storage emptying and relocation

Looks like October 6th.

Friday morning: Go to the truck rental. Pick up the truck there around 12:00, drive to the storage. Load for 6 hrs. kraln will make sure there is food and water (lunch/dinner). Toilets are available. Leave Berlin around 18:00.

Drive to Weeze overnight and arrive (with a break) at Saturday 10:00. Unload from 12:00 on, return the truck. (either sunday in Düsseldorf or Monday in Berlin)


Jeffrey Katz
JK Ventures & Consulting GmbH
c/o MyStorage GmbH, Box-Nr. #3309
Str. 22 (Tegel) 14
13509 Berlin

Extremely important for international (non-EU) packages: The following EORI number MUST be written on the package, visible from the OUTSIDE, or your package WILL get stuck in customs.

EORI: DE234661657311390

Current Status

#3309 (3qm)

completely full.

It has boxes of cables, the furniture from inside the dome, as well as the mixer shelves full of stuff. EXTREMELY DANGEROUS DO NOT OPEN WITHOUT HARDHAT AND CAUTION

Keys: SuperQ: 1 Kraln: 2

#0201 (12qm)

filled with the rest of camp stuff, emf signs, the dome metal, etc.

Keys: SuperQ: 1 Kraln: 1 1 is lost for some reason, no idea.