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wiki page for 35c3.


crazy ideas


a given. day 2 is proposed.

dualcore at milliways

We want to get dualcore in and give a concert at the lounge. we hope for an event at milliways then too. Will be good to collect donations.

serious conversations for smart people

Several people expressed the need for serious conversations for smart people so we should do this.

How would monthy python - humor for smart people - would solve that

Text-editor race

Idea is to get three people, one for vim, one for emacs, and one for sublime, and have a list of tasks they have to do with their editor of choice. Whoever finishes all tasks first wins a prize, although maybe have an alternative prize for creativity.

One way to handle this:

  • Have groups of tasks to be solved
  • The race would be in X stages, for X groups. Maybe one group is modifying text, another group is writing a program to do something. Maybe each group could showcase the strengths of one editor, to make things more fair.
  • After each stage finishes, each contestant shares how they solved the task. The fastest person wins a point by default, but if someone else makes a good argument why their way should win the point (it was creative, etc) then they could steal.
  • At the end, the person with the most points wins.

Some unsolved questions:

  • Is there a simple way to feed four monitors into a system to be projected?
  • How do we factor in preparation time? Examples: maybe someone needs to download plugins, maybe someone needs to run ctags or something
    • One idea is to have everyone start with minimal install for each challenge
  • Can we get a microphone and speakers? Sort of like how Mitch runs his soldering workshops
  • A projector wall?
  • How long do we need? I would say one hour officially, but maybe 1.5 hours because it always takes longer.

writing postcards to jail

we want to give people the chance to write to some hackers leakers and like-minded people postcards and letters. We also try to set up something we can send them books and alike.


  • table
  • PR
  • postcards
  • pens

Need/have tickets

mc.fly handles the spare tickets.